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Songs about Stuff is now available for downloading! 

Wally Pleasant: Songs About Stuff


Check out this awesome animated version of "Stupid Day Job"! 

Stupid Day Job

Animation by Anthony Houde of Vakava Designs




Would you like Wally Pleasant to write you your very own personalized song?  Click  here for details!

Great news for nerds and/or perverts! 

Wally's epic sixth album is out now on Spat Records!  Spat is a Nashville, TN label that mostly features punk rock music.  They have national promotion and distribution.  This is the real deal.  Some of the new songs include "I wanna rock you to death", "Plan B", "Buffet Paradise", "I gotta get with your girl", and "Captain Marvel". Download a free mp3 right here!

New CD out ROCTOBER 1st!!!!

We here at Miranda Records couldn't help but notice that much of our message board contains requests for Wally to perform in certain areas.  We always are happy to hear from people on the message board so keep those "Wally should come play in Oregon" requests coming.  If  anyone is interested in booking Wally for performances please call 517-803-8467.

Need a song for a Special Occasion?  Wally will write and record it for a great price.  Call for email for a quote.  (Satisfied customers include Mad Dog, Al McWillaims, Deb Hart, James Amus.)

Wally will be touring.  If you'd like to book Wally at your school, coffee house, bridge club or pool party, please call 517-803-8467 to add your show to his list of stops. Or you can write to us at Miranda Records, 302 Warren St., Charlotte, MI 48813 or e-mail us at wallypleasant1@gmail.com.

To order CDs we accept Pay Pal or please send a check or money order to 302 Warren St., Charlotte, MI 48813 ($12.00/CD)