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Date:03/04/09 11:22 PM 
Name:Richard Roma

For all that is good, decent and holy and for the love of Peter, Paul AND Mary - when are you coming back to Toledo? You haven't been here since '84 and we're left with nothing but a one-eyed tree frog whistling about his love affair with a block of cheese on a cold frosty night in his one-room shack at the pavilion of monkey brains. Do you have any idea what that's like? Well, let me tell you - it's not good. If you don't come back in the very near future, I swear by all that is moist, slimy and made of dark chocolate that I will build an arc, flood Michigan and force you to come down here on a flying squirrel. If that's what you want, so be it, but you won't think it's so nice when you're up to your armpits in squirrel poop, which is being slowly washing into your ear canals by the various forms of precipitation falling from the sky in our region this time of year. I don't want to be the bad guy here, but I think I can speak for all Toledoans when I say we miss you, we love you and we are lost without your sweet, sweet music that touches up deep in the cockles of our souls - the parts of our souls that we don't discus at tea parties with Mrs. Fancypants and her talking water buffalo, Spikeyface McGee and refused to let us go. Those parts of our souls will melt away like a creamsicle left out on the ledge of a window of a firey time share in the bottomless pits of Hell if you don't come back. Is that what you want? Is it? For the sake of all that is flavorful and delicious - I hope not. I hope not, not just for me, but for all the children of the glass city who are counting on you. They will die if you don't come back. They will just shrivel up and cease to exist. It has been fore told. You have been warned.

P.S. Have a nice day.

Date:05/13/09 1:35 AM
Subject:now i googled your post
and apparently that's the lost track for the demo that's circulating

Tea Parties with Mrs. Fancypants and Her Talking Water Buffalo

I'm guessing it may have been inspired by Wally's time playing Paul in that Beatles cover band.

Date:05/15/09 10:32 AM
he was george

Date:05/21/09 8:00 PM
Subject:just testing the airwaves
but you have to admit Wally is too cute to be George really.

Date:04/16/11 3:29 AM
Name:Fuzzy Wuzzy
Are you ever coming back to Toledo Wally?

Date:04/28/11 6:48 PM
Name:John Lennon
Subject:Was It All A Dream?
Was Wally playing in Toledo all just a dream?

Date:04/19/12 12:42 AM
Name:Shooty Babbit
Wally, why have you forsaken Toledo?

Date:04/08/13 2:51 PM
Name:Handy Andy
Still no shows in Toledo?!?

What gives?

Date:12/10/14 3:59 AM
Name:Tuxedo Cat
Meow. Please come back to Toledo Wally. Meow.

Date:06/30/15 6:02 AM
Name:Toledo Mud Hen
Toledo choo-choo-chooses you Wally!

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